Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Close Encounter with Child Protective Services

SOOOOOO, we had a pretty crazy experience on the 28th.  For most of Sammy's life, we have always wrapped him up tight in a blanket and we've rocked him to sleep.  In the last couple of days, however, we've decided to stop that and get him to put himself to sleep so we went out and invested in a Pack and Play (Awesome!!) and we put him in it for the first time on the 28th.  He screamed his little head off for about 15 minutes and then finally fell asleep.  Mag and I didn't hear from him until about 3am when he awoke and screamed for a few minutes before falling back asleep.  We were very tempted to go in and grab him and make sure he was alright, but in the end, we stayed put and let him cry it out.
Anyway, we woke up around 6am and Mag went in to check on the boy.  As soon as she got in there, I heard her yelling at Sammy a couple of times and then my name was shouted.  I'll tell you, I've never moved so quickly in my life.  When I arrived, the picture below is basically what I saw.  
Neither of us really knew what to do because he didn't really respond to his name and to us picking him up.  Luckily, it turned out that he was just super tired from not having slept well during his first 7 months of life.  As soon as he woke up a little bit, he was happy and smiley just like he always is.
We were scared to death though and thought that he was covered in blood from ramming his head into the side of the Pack and Play or something like that.  When we saw him, he looked just like the pictures, but he also had 3 huge bloody welts on the left side of his head.  We thought he had died from losing so much blood.
Well, it turns out that what really happened was he had a rotten stomach and decided to throw up all the blueberries we had given him and then proceeded to roll around in it and sleep in it a little bit too.  We felt horrible that that had happened and that we didn't know, but we were trying to be tough parents who make their kids go to sleep by themselves.
We were so scared that something bad had happened to him.  I'm glad he's just fine.  I was seriously shaking for probabbly 10 minutes even after I knew he was alright.  I guess that means that I like him quite a bit, eh?