Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Erwin's Orchard

A couple weeks ago we decided to take our little nieces, Quinn and Anna, to the Apple Orchard to get fresh apple cider and tasty doughnuts.  We had a lot of fun, though we could tell that the cold weather was on it's way.
Here is Anna after enjoying the first part of her doughnut.  She's such a cute girl!  They both are, we like having them around.
Again, the feast has already begun.
Sam,  on the other hand, wasn't nearly as thrilled to be there.  Normally he seems to really like being outside of the house and doing things, which is great.  He's always so curious to see what/who is around him.  He's getting HUGE and talks to us all the time.  It's so fun!
Here are the chicas in front of the largest pumpkin we've ever seen.  It was a really fun day and are sad that the winter has arrived.  Even this very morning I had to go scrape our car windows before work - not fun.  Another Michigan winter has arrived, but that topic can be saved for another post.