Friday, September 26, 2008

Howell Nature Center

Okay, so this is going to be a pretty long post.  Hopefully you don't get too sick of it half-way through.
We had the chance to go to the Howell Nature Center and had so much fun!  Maggie came up with the idea of checking out a pass from the library to one of the museums or historical centers, etc. and because it was such a beautiful day, we decided to spend the day outside and go take pictures with the animals.
Sammy was such a cute boy there.  In this picture, however, he is about ready to eat so was in a bit of discomfort.  He's such a studly boy.
Here is a better picture of the mood he was in for most of the time we were there.  Actually, he slept in his car seat most of the time, but woke up happy.
He is seriously growing up so fast!  He's getting chubbier and cuter every day.  Plus, his hair is coming in on top and I love it.  Looks like he'll have plenty of it.

We saw several different kinds of animals ranging from the Barn Owls up a couple of pictures to the Bald Eagle seen here.  We saw White Tailed Deer, Coyotes, Foxes, Groundhogs, and lots of other animals. 

We had a great time, the four of us, and we decided we would like to have a family outing every week.  The library is a great resource!  Who knew?

The end.  Go Zoos and Nature Centers!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sammy's New Trick

This is hilarious.  Check out what Bean does when I whistle.  I love it.

Our Little Bean is Growing Up!

 We took the Bean to see the Pediatrician today and turns out he's growing up quite a bit.  He's still only in the 10th percentile in both height and weight (21.5 in. and 10 lbs. respectively) but he has grown up a ton in our eyes.  He's cooing and smiling and pushing himself backwards with his legs on a regular basis now.
We thought we weren't going to be able to put Bean in these clothes because he was so small, but we tried this onesie on him today and it fits him perfectly!  Now he actually looks like a normal growing baby boy.  We are excited about that.
He's so cute to watch now.  Before, he didn't have much of a personality, but he sure is growing to be a good, strong willed little boy.  Mag has finally been able to break him and has gotten him on a schedule that we all love - eat, play, poop, sleep, eat, play, poop, sleep (repeat, repeat, repeat).  It's a 3 hour schedule and it's fantastic.

This movie is really funny. Watch how he fell asleep the other day. He's a funny kid.

Friday, September 19, 2008

DInner for Two/Two and a Half

Well, we have finally settled back into our lives here in Michigan and we had the opportunity to spend the evening together a couple days ago.  We are trying to watch what we eat a little more and so decided to have some Stir-Fry.  It was delicious!  We cooked some brown rice and while we waited for that to be done, we put carrots, half an onion, broccoli, celery, pea pods, yellow and orange peppers, water chestnuts and chicken in the wok and made our own little concoction of stir fry sauce.  It turned out really well.  Maggie was in charge of cutting most of the veggies and getting those ready while I cooked the rice and took charge of the wok and adding ingredients.  Here's what it looked like:
Sammy has been pretty cranky these last few days (or months) since he's been so colicky.  However, we've had some really cute days with him too.  For a while he actually had a solid schedule going - he would eat, the be really fun, happy and smiley for 45 minutes after, he would then cry for 30 minutes and finally he would fall back asleep.  Wake up and repeat.  We were enjoying life during that time.  Lately, it hasn't been so easy, but it hasn't been too bad.  He even let us get a few good shots of him.

Look at those cheeks!  He's such an awesome little guy.  We are excited for him to start talking and being able to express himself.  He is cooing a lot more now, which is fun, and he even laughs about every day as well.  We are so glad he is starting to show his little personality.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sammy's Blessing

On Sunday, we were all able to gather at the church to give Sammy a blessing.  For those who don't know exactly what happens at a baby blessing, here are the Cliff Notes. 
As part of the blessing, those who are invited to do so join the father and the baby in a small circle in front of the room.  Each person places a hand on the baby and the father proceeds to bless the boy using the Priesthood.  
The father hopes that he will be directed as to what to say to the baby and how Heavenly Father wants the baby to be blessed.
It was an incredible experience, to say the least.  I felt inspired and directed as to what Sammy needed to hear and be blessed with.  It was the first time I have ever had a chance to bless a baby, and I was very nervous about it.  It's a big deal!
As you can tell from this picture, Sammy wasn't very cooperative.  I don't think he felt well all day and so he made his presence known by screaming throughout the entire thing.  It's okay, he did great.
We were so grateful to all those who traveled from such large distances to attend and participate in the blessing.  It was a wonderful experience and I feel like I was directed to say exactly what Sammy needed to hear.  
Now, I know that Bean didn't understand, nor realize what was going on, but I hope that as he grows up, those things he was blessed with will come back to help him.

Friday, September 5, 2008

We've arrived back home

I realize this is a little late coming, but hopefully it's worth it!
Here's the close to the day - or I guess the start of our night.  We saw some of the most incredible terrain and wilderness on our way home.
At this point, it was about 3am and my eyes started to close.  This is about what I saw in the car.

Here is the really pretty sunrise we were welcomed with early in the morning.  We would arrive home just a few hours later.

It always fun when you drive through a sunset and through a sunrise during the same trip. After meeting Lisa and her family in Oklahoma City for the night on Saturday (thanks again by the way, you know what I'm talking about), we headed for home at about noon.

Mapquest told us the trip was 16 hours long but it ended up taking us 23 hours.  That's a long time in the car.  That's also in addition to the 9 hours it took us to get the Oklahoma City from San Antonio.  So, put it all together and you get 32 hours in the car.  I actually enjoyed it, though.


Sammy Stats

We went into the pediatrician's office on Wednesday to get Sammy's 6-week check-up and she gave us the new stats.

Height - 20.5 inches (15th percentile)

Weight - 9 lbs (15th percentile)

So he's a puny little kid and apparently he needs to eat more. We are waiting for his growth spurt since he hasn't grown lengthwise very much. He still has very chubby cheeks, so that's good.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Post - Another Sammy First

We went to the doctor's office today so Mag could get a physical and when we got there, Sammy started crying and going a little bit crazy so I left Mag at the doctor's and returned home to feed Sammy out of the bottle. Here's the problem, we only had about 2.5oz. oz of milk and when he finished it, he got really mad at me for not filling his little stomach. Anyway, we went back to the doctor's with Bean screaming all the way there. We got out and started walking around the parking lot and that calmed down a little bit. After about 5 minutes, of walking, the Bean let a big one rip, and he was all of the sudden the happiest kid in the world. We walked around for a few more minutes and went in to see if Maggie was done.

She came out all happy to see her boy and picked him up from my lap to snuggle a little bit when I saw his back. His little toot turned out to be a poop shower that went all the way up his back and onto me as well. It was the first time I've ever been pooped on, and while it wasn't very fun, it was acceptable because it came from the Bean. You know what they say about beans, right? Something about being the magical fruit or something.