Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does Sammy Have a Twin Out There???

Can you guess who this baby is and does it look like Sammy?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Sammy Pictures.

I took a couple pictures with my phone so they won't be as high quality as the others, but he looked so cute this morning while I was talking to him. Had to take a couple and share them.

Finally out of the Hospital...

After a really nice 5 day stay at resort Beaumont Hospital, we left for home last night. It was nice to get out, but the care that was provided was outstanding and certainly will be missed. I always felt great knowing that Maggie and Sammy were being so well taken care of. Our nurses, nurse assistants and doctor's were incredible.

Now that we are home, its a bit terrifying to think that there is no crash cart or medical personal on site in case something should happen. I don't think it will, of course, but it was reassuring to know that there were people around before.

We got home last night and of course Sammy wanted to eat before bed. That meant that Maggie didn't fall asleep until about 1 and was woken up at 1:30am. She fed him again and he continued to be fussy. We were up for a while trying to figure out what he needed. I finally went to sleep again at about 3:30am and woke up at 7am to relieve Mag. I went to change Sammy's diaper and wrapped him up again. As soon as I did, he got quiet and fell asleep in my arms. We both slept until about 9am and Maggie was able to sleep until even later - which was nice since she had slept a combined 5 hours over the past three days.

So, we are back and unsure of the events to come. We are excited about them, though, because we love little Sammy and are so glad he is there - even if it means that our ability to sleep has gone out the window.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Sammy Contest

So, what do you think?

New Title Picture

My mom and sister were really concerned and worried that the nurse let Sammy's hands and arms go out because he was scared. However, I'm kind of glad she did because it's my favorite picture. We were joking about the picture and Maggie said he looks like Eminem with his cap and arms straight out in a "bring it on" pose. We decided to make it official because we love our nurses and don't want anyone to be upset with them. So here's to you Sammy B, the newest gangsta in D-Town.

Friday, July 25, 2008

More Pics of Sammy - Day 3

Just loaded some more pics of Sammy from the camera and onto the computer. Apparently he is in high demand - with good cause. He's a studly boy! He has a proud papa for sure. Pics of the boy and Maggie coming up soon.

New Pics - Day Three

Here are a few more pictures of Sammy late last night and this morning. He's quite the cute little kid! The Major League Soccer All-Star team took on West Ham United last night and I figured it was a good opportunity to introduce him the "The Beautiful Game". So, while Maggie was napping, Sammy and I took in the game. We had a good time and it was fun to be able to watch with him.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love my son, but seriously...did a bomb go off in his pants?

Sammy was so fun to have last night and this morning and it was so nice to have the nurse come in and change his diapers. This afternoon, he was getting a little fussy so I took him and walked with him for a little bit. All the sudden, he started giving me these scrunched up faces like he was about to cry. He never ended up crying, but I almost did when I felt a large burst in his diaper. I sat him down, took a look, and knew I was in for a good one.

As I commenced the process of changing my very first new born diaper, I was met with quite a bit of resistance. I undid the diaper, started wiping the poop off him and while I did it, he decided he needed to urinate as well - just like in the movies. While I was in this state of turmoil, I looked over to see Maggie laughing hysterically, while holding on to her stitches of course. That's when I knew she would be a huge help these next few days in the hospital. I eventually got him all cleaned up and up to mama so she could calm him down. It was a fun (maybe the wrong word) experience.

Here's to you Sammy, for making me enjoy having you here even more.

And the winner is...

So there were three winners to the contest of guessing what day Sammy would be born and what time. I say three because Jane was spot on with her guess of the 23rd and Mom Mallory won the time with a guess of 7:17pm (he was born at 8:02pm). However, in a clerical error on my part (forgetting to send me great friends the text) Che'Lyn Fullmer came out of no where and guessed 7:31pm. It came a little bit late, but it was clutch.

So, thanks to all those who played. It was fun. So fun, in fact, that Sammy wanted to tell you himself:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sammy pics

Here is the link to all the Sammy pics.


We are happy to announce the birth and welcome of our little baby boym - Samuel (Sammy) Bennett Walker. After a 32 hour stint in the hospital, Sammy's heart rate really bottomed out and the nurses, midwife and doctor rushed in a determined an emergency C-Section. 9 minutes after they determined to do that, Sammy was born and getting weighed and measured. We are so excited for his arrival. Here are a bunch of pictures of the little boy.


Nothing much new. She's up to 3cm now which is good. The midwife was hoping she'd be more around the 4cm mark, but we will continue to wait to use the Pitocin. We'll keep you posted!

If anybody would like more regular updates, I can be found on MSN Messenger under the screenname or by AOL Messenger under the name

Water Breakage!!

The midwife, LouAnne and our nurse, Heather just came in to check Maggie. Turns out the medication did what it was supposed to and brought the cervix much closer to where it needed to be and the water sack was about to burst right on top of it. LouAnne decided just to break the water so we didn't have to wait so much, so she did. Maggie is doing well, her water has been broken and she is at 2cm. She continues to have really strong contractions and that's a good sign. We are just playing the waiting game now, she needs to be at about 7-8cm before anything really happens.

We'll keep you posted.

A shower, contractions and Pitocin

We awoke this morning at around 6:00am to the nurse giving Maggie one last dose of the pill that starts with an "m". Neither of us can ever remember the name even though the nurse says it every time she gives more doses. Funny. Anyway, the nurse midwife came in and checked maggie's cervical progress and deemed it necessary to give one last dose of the "m" medication. Soon thereafter, at around 7:00am, we were awoken by pounding nails and saws right outside our window. They are apparently building a new wing to the hospital right next to us and decided it was a good idea to start at 7am to wake up all the expecting mothers. I'm going to write them a thank you note.

Anyway, Maggie started having contractions at about that same time. She said she has them about every 1.5 minutes and they last four about 45 seconds. This is a really good sign. It might even mean she won't have to go on the Pitocin. Everything will depend on the next cervical check up.

Either way, we expect to have a little baby boy sometime today. It's possible that it won't happen until tomorrow, but starting the Pitocin this early should get things rolling.

We are happy and excited, though I must admit that I'm much happier that Maggie is giving birth and I am not. I'm pretty sure I would just cry and get mad at people. She's a real trooper.

We'll keep you updated!

P.S. Maggie wanted to warn all of you who haven't undergone this (hellish) soon-to-be delightful experience to weigh your options before you do so. "Choose wisely" and "may the force be with you".

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After a day spent at the doctor's office and the hospital, we finally have a chance to turn off the lights and hit the hay. With thoughts of a new little boy coming into our lives tomorrow (we hope!) many sobering but joyful thoughts have made their way into our brains. So, as this night closes and the new day begins when we awake, we look forward to letting everybody know how big our new baby boy is and whether he got dad's nose and large forehead or whether he was lucky enough to escape those traits and get the good ones from his mom. One thing is for sure - he will bring much joy, happiness and love into our family and we eagerly await his homecoming.

Please pray for us (especially Mag and the baby) that there will be no complications before, during, or after the birth and that our little boy will be healthy and perfect. We feel like this little boy is an answer to many prayers and we are glad he is almost here.

He is hooked up to the monitors so I can hear when his little heartbeat speeds up and slows down. I can't help but smile when I hear it speed up. What a little stallion.

So, with that, we say goodnight to July 22nd, and hopefully in a few hours we'll say good morning and "welcome to this world" to a little baby boy.

Good night!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Arrival Picks

Four or five days ago we sent text messages out toe verybody to get their picks on when Sammy would be born. Surprisingly, a lot of people are still left in the pool with a chance to win. Here are the picks:

Sammy's Diaper Cake

Mom W. and my sisters organized a e-mail based baby shower for Maggie and I think it turned out really nice. It was intended for those who live out of town. We received a huge box yesterday and a really big, fun diaper cake was inside. We are excited because in all honesty, we may not need to buy a single newborn diaper. That's good news to me.

Sammy's Room is Done!

We were finally able to get Sammy's room completely done and we really like how it turned out. We repainted the room from a sea foam green to an off white, painted an older dark wood dresser that same off white and took out the old brown entertainment center and replaced it with a white shelving unit that we've had for a little while. We really like how it turned out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Baby Belly Picture

Maggie saw a picture on "Bringing Home Baby" and wanted one of her belly as well. So this is our attempt. We like it and think it's fun to celebrate our little baby boy, even if he's not coming out as soon as we want him to!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Cute Wife!!

I arrived back in Michigan to find out that Maggie has a new square foot garden. I think it's really fun and what's even better is that she has about 6 different vegetable and fruits planted in it. Here's a picture of the garden and the gardener. Also, as will be noted, Maggie has been working out everyday doing leg press and squats. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HER MUSCULAR LEGS!!! Actually, they are just swollen from the baby. I think it's funny though - they are the size of my legs now. She's cute and I'm sure she doesn't enjoy the huge legs.

P.S. Maggie wanted me to tell all of you that she is not wearing a moo-moo nor a housecoat. It's a very stylish dress, so there.

New Baby Bump Picture

I returned from San Antonio to Michigan and Maggie pleasantly surprised me with a watermelon under her shirt. It's fun to see how much the little boy has grown. I'll have more pictures to post in the upcoming days. (Taken without Maggie's permission as evident by her left hand being balled up in a fist about to strike - Let's hope Sammy's not watching. Violence isn't promoted in this household.)

Our Home Run Derby Pick

After going through the list of the upcoming home run derby contestants, we stumbled across the story of Texas Rangers Outfielder Josh Hamilton. He is an unlikely hero in the days of selfish and whiny pro athletes. His story involves addiction, hitting the bottom and redemption. The link below is of a letter he wrote last year while he was a member of the Cincinnati Reds. We found it inspiring and worth the 5 minutes read. Take the time to do so. You will be better for it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day ya'll! While there is so much that I enjoy about San Antonio, apparently the fireworks shows aren't anything to go nuts over. I saw a few of them on tv and while they were alright, they were nothing compared to the great show Detroit puts on at the river. On that note, here are a few pictures I found of the Detroit Fireworks Show that demonstrate exactly what I'm talking about. I guess even if the city's mayor is a scumbag and the economy is terrible, at least you can give a good fireworks show.